We Specialist in providing Electroluminescent Factory Setup Sevice, EL Production Training, EL Products Manufacturing Training, EL Materials Supplies and EL Customized Product Production.

  • We have Updated EL Bus Shelters
    August 14, 2015
    We have Updated EL Bus Shelters
    Electroluminescent Technology are widely used in Bus Shelters 6 Sheets or 12 Sheets advertising light box. With EL Back-Light creating the animation effect......
  • DIY EL Poster Updated
    July 31, 2015
    DIY EL Poster Updated
    We have recently updated one of the product category - EL DIY.
  • New Website Design
    July 17, 2015
    New Website Design
    We have completely changed our website to serve our readers better! The change comes with a CMS system that allows us to better manage the contents of our website, we will from now be able to provide contents to our readers in a more timely manner.
We provide complete solutions for Electroluminescent Technology
We started manufacturing Electroluminescent Light Panels and Inverters in year 2000 and are now a leader in providing EL Technology to interested parties by assisting them in setting up EL Factory, Training the Operators and providing guidance in sales and marketing.

We focus to provide complete solutions to bussiness owners and individuals interested in EL Technology, by providing them with EL light panel printing materials and supplies, EL Light Panels, EL invertes, OEM EL Products, Trainning and Consultation.