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  • Happy New Year 2019!
    January 01, 2019
    Happy New Year 2019!
    In 2019 we promise to bring you better products and services, we will increase our knowledge sharing, range of raw materials, inverters and more.
  • Printing EL Directly on Glass
    October 18, 2018
    Printing EL Directly on Glass
    LES - Light Emitting Surfaces is the Brand Name for EL Glass manufactured by SG Glass. The product range includes Glass Railings, Glass Partitions, Glass Ceilings etc.
  • Our UAE Team
    September 09, 2018
    Our UAE Team
    Recently I had a chance to visit our partner factory in UAE. The factory was setup in 2012 with Nejilock providing full Technology support, machines, factory layout, training, materials etc were all provided by Nejilock. We are very proud that some of the original team member is still in the factory and they had become very skillful Electroluminescent Engineers.
Your trusted partner in Electroluminescent (EL) Technology
Over the last 17 years, Nejilock had successfully created and launched new Electroluminescent Products. For example, EL Animated Bus Shelter, EL Animated Billboards, EL Car Wraps. We had also successfully assisted our partners in Australia, China, UAE and Kuwait in setting up Electroluminescent Light Panel factory. These opportunities provided us with great experience and help build up our expertise in Electroluminescent Technology. Today we are proud to be one of the few companies who can provide the full range of products and services related to Electroluminescent Technology.

* Services we provide include setting up Electroluminescent Light Panel manufacturing factory and providing staff training.
* Products we provide include printing inks, assembly accessories, inverters and test equipment.

We are focus in providing complete solutions to business owner and individual interested in Electroluminescent (EL) Technology and strive to be the best in what we are doing.

* Right - Anthony with Label Concepts team after a successful training session
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